9th Task Force on Measurement and Modelling 

Bordeaux (France) , 23-25 April 2008

Background documents


Session 1: EMEP field Campaigns 2008/2009
Massimo Vieno: Real-Time Measurements during the EMEP Intensive Measurement Period and Application of EMEP4UK (5 MB ppt)
Hilde Fargeli: Using the EMEP Intensive campaign data for evaluating the EMEP model – first results for N (3 MB ppt)
Svetlana Tsyro: Analysis of PM chemical composition using data from the EMEP Intensive campaigns (13 MB ppt)
Wenche Aas: EMEP intensive measurements. Experience from 2006-7 and outlook for 2008-9 (1 MB ppt)
Paolo Laj: EUSAAR contribution to the 2008-2009 EMEP intensive field campaigns (2 MB)

Session 2: The new EMEP monitoring strategy, needs for further developments
Robert Gehrig: Comparison of NH3/NH4 and HNO3/NO3 measurements with DELTA minidenuders and impregnated filter methods
(3 MB ppt)
Jean-Philippe Putaud: Towards a reference methods for measurement of EC/OC (6 MB pps)
Heiko Pfeiffer: Representativeness of the Measurement Network from the German Federal Environmental Agency (3 MB ppt)
Karl Espen Yttri: Source apportionment of the carbonaceous aerosol – Quantitative estimates based on 14C- and organic tracer analysis (3MB ppt)
Kjetil Tørseth: EMEP monitoring strategy - beyond 2009 (2 MB ppt)

Session 3: The new EMEP monitoring strategy, satellite data and the GMES opportunity
Johannes Ophals: Satellite information for monitoring air quality (13.5 MB)
Svetlana Tsyro: First use of satellite AOD data for EMEP model validation for PM (7 MB ppt)
Bertrand Bessagnet: Detection of PM episodes using satellite retrievals  (2 MB pdf)
Laurence Rouil: Information about the GMES initiative and the future GMES Atmospheric Service (GAS) (8 MB ppt)
Leonor Tarrason: Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate , the MACC project and its relevance to EMEP (6 MB ppt)

Session 4: Modelling activity in the EMEP/TFMM framework 
Peter Builtjes: Feedback from the joint TFEIP/TFMM workshop in Dublin on uncertainties in emissions, measurement and modelling (1 MB ppt)
Alexey Gusev: The development of the EMEP global model (6 MB ppt)
Kosta Ganev: Local to Regional Dilution and Transformation Processes of the Emissions From Road Transport (1 MB ppt)

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