The EMEP Chemical Coordinating Centre (EMEP-CCC) has been hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) since the beginning of the programme in 1979. The main tasks of the EMEP-CCC is to coordinate the measurement programme of EMEP and includes recommendation of methods to be employed in the countries in their monitoring, quality assurance and training (including field and laboratory intercomparisons), data validation and reporting as well as data storage. The CCC also leads the EMEP work in the field of atmospheric particulate matter.

The CCC has a close cooperation with the three other EMEP centres i.e. MSC-W, MSC-E and the CIAM. Among other important collaboration partners are the European Environment Agency (EEA), the marine Conventions (OSPARCOM and HELCOM), the Arctic Monitoring and Assesment Porgramme (AMAP), the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and  EC-DG Environment.

In total more than 20 persons at NILU are involved in the EMEP-CCC tasks. The CCC is lead by Dr. Kjetil Tørseth.

Contact persons:
Kjetil Tørseth +47 63 89 81 58 Head of the EMEP-CCC, acidification, particulate matter
Karl Espen Yttri +47 63 89 82 39 Particulate matter
Knut Breivik +47 63 89 81 55 POPs, emissions
Sverre Solberg +47 63 89 81 53 Photochemical oxidants and precursors
Wenche Aas +47 63 89 81 60 QA/QC, training, acidification, heavy metals 
Katrine Aspmo Pfaffhuber +47 63 89 82 49 Laboratory intercomparisons
Anne Hjellbrekke +47 63 89 81 59 Data management and web maintenance

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