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Supported data formats

Data have to be submitted to the CREATE aerosol database in the NASA Ames 1001 format. More information can be found in the section on how to submit data .

One goal of this project is to deliver data from this database both in NASA Ames 1001 and in NARSTO DES. The conversion tools from NASA Ames 1001 to NARSTO DES are currently under development. The CREATE aerosol database will be accessible both through the EMEP/CCC database and through the GAW-WDCA database. At the current stage, the aerosol data compiled so far can be obtained in NASA Ames 1001 format through the EMEP/CCC web pages. More information can be found in the section on how to obtain data .

Background information

A first major achievement of the CREATE project is a harmonisation of the data flow at the Chemical Coordinating Centre of the Co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-Range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe (EMEP/CCC ) and the data flow within the Global Atmosphere Watch - World Data Centre for Aerosols (GAW-WDCA ). On a regional scale EMEP is the major monitoring programme in Europe for background concentrations of air pollutants, whereas GAW, which is under the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), is the major global monitoring programme. As the linking of local, regional, and global scales becomes increasingly more important, there is a growing need to harmonise monitoring programmes focusing on different scales. Representatives from both EMEP and GAW-WDCA in the CREATE consortium have come to an agreement on a closer co-operation between the two programmes on data flow related to aerosol measurements in Europe. The aim of this agreement is to minimise doubling of efforts, to avoid duplication of data, and to make most efficient use of all available resources to the mutual benefit for both programmes and for the general data user community.

At present, the database at EMEP's Chemical Coordinating Centre (CCC) is using the NASA AMES 1001 data format, whereas GAW-WDCA uses NARSTO-DES. The new agreement identifies a solution to harmonise the data flow within EMEP and GAW, which is to be implemented in the course of the CREATE project. The following link describes the details of this co-operation agreement between GAW and EMEP .