EMEP monitoring strategy 2020-2029

Below is a chronological overview of some relevant material and discussions related revision of the EMEP Monitoring strategy for 2020-2029:
  • Draft2 of the Monitoring Strategy to be discussed at TFMM May 3rd 2018, Geneva (Excel file of draft2)

    For earlier versions of the EMEP monitoring strategy, please see below:

    Revision of the EMEP monitoring strategy 2010-2019


    Comment VII: The 5th draft to be discussed at the Thirty-third session of the EMEP Steering body held in Geneva 7-9 September 2009 (draft not anymore linked here as it is outdated)

    Comment VI: The 4th draft has been developed on the basis of comments received from a number of parties by June 1st. Minor comments related to typos and wording are still welcome. (draft not anymore linked here as it is outdated

    Comment V: Please send you comments at latest by May 1st. Received comments will be discussed with the Bureau and introduced to a final draft for an official SB-document.

    Comment IV: The Bureau agreed to invite all parties to comment on the draft to ensure its approval at the 33rd session of the SB (the TFMM TF-meeting 2009 is held too late to allow updates to the draft)

    Comment III: The Bureau concluded that the monitoring strategy should be separated from the overall strategy (March 3rd 09)

    Comment II: The EMEP bureau suggested at its fall meeting to integrate the monitoring strategy with the overall EMEP strategy

    Comment I: The EMEP Steering Body took note of the draft and invited delegations to send comments by January 31 2009 (see point 33f of the minutes of the 32nd session of the SB).

    First draft presented at the EMEP steering body September 2008. (draft not anymore linked here as it is outdated)


    EMEP monitoring strategy, 2004 -2009

    The monitoring strategy of EMEP has been subject to revision and the work is carried out by the EMEP Centres, the Parties and the Scientific Community through the EMEP Task Force on Measurements and Modelling.

    UN/ECE document of the Monitoring Strategy 2004-2009:

    The EMEP monitoring strategy 2004-2009. Background document with justification and specification of the EMEP monitoring programme, 2004-2009. Ed. by Kjetil Tørseth and Øystein Hov: (pdf)

    This background document was presented at the 27th session of the EMEP Steering Body (September 8-10, 2003) providing an introduction to the revision process as well as in depth discussions of the monitoring requirements in relation to the objectives. The strategy was welcomed by the Steering Body and it was further agreed that it covered all the major issues needed for future monitoring. The level approach was approved, but several Parties expressed concerns about the costs associated with implementing the mandatory requirements proposed. T he meeting thus concluded that the draft strategy should be used as a basis for further discussions with the Parties on the details of the level-by-level approach, and the TFMM is expected to produce a final strategy for the next session of the Steering Body.
    Current status in EMEP
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