EMEP Intensive measurement, summer 2022

One week of intensive measurements of a range of VOCs (NMHCs, O-VOC, terpenes) and biogenic organic aerosol tracers were conducted during a summer heat wave 12- 19 July 2022. The motivation behind the study was to investigate the relevance and importance of difference ozone precursors during heat waves. Parties contributed with their own measurements in addition were manual devices for sampling VOCs distributed and subsequently analyzed at centralized laboratories. Four different laboratories were responsible of distributing the devices and analyze these for NMHs, O-VOCs, Terpenes, and organic tracers respectively.

Some preliminary results were presented at the The 24rd annual TFMM meeting and in Chapter 6 the EMEP status report 2023.

Some overview figures

Average concentrations of different component groups and methods:

Average concentrations of different component groups, differentiated between urban and regional sites

European concentration maps with daily concentrations from 12-19 July (avg 12-16h UTC)

Daily VOC concentrations for the different component groups at the sites with all analysis at central labs:

Comparing sampling methods at sites with paralell sampling