Technical workshop on data quality and data reporting to EBAS
Kjeller, Norway, 26-28 October 2016

The workshop was covering two connected topics related to data submission to EBAS, one more on the technical work in creating NASA Ames files for data submission and included hands on training, the other on the assessment of quality of some specific EMEP data and how to best document this information.

The data reporting session introduced the procedures for data and meta data reporting to EBAS and was not restricted to any specific component. The workshop covered all data valid for submitting to EBAS, thus covering networks, programmes and projects like EMEP, GAW (WDCA WDCRG), ACTRIS, HELCOM, OSPARCOM and AMAP.

The data quality session focused on various topics, which either have had little attentions the last years in EMEP (Inorganic ions, heavy metals and POPs) and components for which there has been large changes in assessment of quality and metadata information, i.e. ozone and EC/OC. The quality of these measurements and necesseray improvevemts in data quality objects was discussed. Further, the workshoped aimed to identify missing metadata information on measurement methodology in the current templates and define QA measures specific for these measurements.

Summary and recommendation from the workshop


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