EMEP Task Force on Measurements and Modelling (TFMM)

Next TFMM meetings

10-12 May 2023 in Warsaw, Poland

This year, we identified the following key topics for which we encourage specific contributions: To register for the meeting, please fill this form by 31 March 2023. Also note that for the hybrid sessions, the connection link will only be provided to registered participants

Worshop on Chemical of Emerging Concerns (CECs) during fall 2023

Most likely to be held in Norway. Information will follow.

Intensive measurement periods (IMPs)

IMPs Summer 2022 on ozone episodes:

One week of intensive measurements of a range of VOCs (NMHCs, O-VOC, terpenes) and biogenic organic aerosol tracers were conducted during a summer heat wave 12- 19 July 2022. The motivation behind the study was to investigate the relevance and importance of difference ozone precursors during heat waves. Parties contributed with their own measurements in addition were manual devices for sampling VOCs distributed and subsequently analyzed at centralized laboratories. Four different laboratories were responsible of distributing the devices and analyze these for NMHs, O-VOCs, Terpenes, and organic tracers respectively. A summary of the results will be presented at the TFMM meeting in Warsaw in Poland 10-12 May, and a resume will be written for the EMEP status report 2023. The plan is to publish the results in a peer reviewed journal in the fall 2023.

Completed IMPs:

EMEP TFMM Trend assessment

A TFMM wiki page was created to exchange and share information on recommended methods used for the TFMM trend assessment, and the benchmark datasets, which was used for calculation trends.

Joint Report of the EMEP Task Force on Measurements and Modelling (TFMM), Chemical Co-ordinating Centre (CCC), Meteorological Synthesizing Centre-East (MSC-E), Meteorological Synthesizing Centre-West (MSC-W)
EMEP/CCC-Report 1/2016: pdf

EMEP case study on heavy metal pollution assessment

TFMM and MSC-E  organize a case study on a complex assessment of heavy metal pollution in EMEP countries.

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