Earlier Campaigns


The European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (EASOE) was the first major European field experiment on stratospheric ozone and it took place during the winter of 1991-92. The NADIR data centre was put in operation for this campaign. Experimental data and meteorological data from the ECMWF were stored in the central computer, zardoz. The scientific results from the EASOE campaign were published in a special issue of Geophysics Research Letters in June 1994. (GRL Volume 21, Number 13).


The EASOE campaign was followed up by the Second European Stratospheric Arctic and Mid-latitude Experiment in 1993-1995. Whereas the EASOE campaign focussed only on the Arctic region, the SESAME campaign also dealt with the ozone loss at mid-latitudes.


The Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone was set up to carry out studies during the winters of 1997-98 and 1998-99. These two winters were relatively mild with a lot of dynamic activity. Because of the high temperatures in the Arctic stratosphere there was limited ozone loss, but one gained new insight into the mechanisms for exchange of air between the Arctic vortex and middle latitudes.

In order to study a cold winter and to benefit from a collaboration with the American SOLVE campaign, the THESEO campaign was extended into the 1999-2000 winter. This turned out to be one of the coldest winters ever in the stratosphere. In January there were record low temperatures (lowest for more than 40 years). The degree of ozone loss reached more than 70% at 475 K (approx. 19 km altitude).

The results from the THESEO campaign are summarised in "European Research in the stratosphere 1996-2000 - Advances in our understanding of the ozone layer during THESEO", European Commission report EUR 19867, Luxembourg, 2001, ISBN 92-894-1398-0.


VINTERSOL (Validation of INTERnational Satellites and study of Ozone Loss) was the fourth major field campaign to study ozone loss. VINTERSOL took place from late 2004 until mid 2004. An important dimension for the campaign was the involvemant of several new European satellite instruments. VINTERSOL was mounted in conjunction with the validation campaign for the ENVISAT satellite.

The role of NADIR

The NADIR data centre has played a central role in all these campaigns by acting as a central archive for both experimental data and meteorological data from ECMWF.

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