Read the bulletin board and other news stories (e.g. news on interesting measurements and nice PSC photos). Some results presented at the THESEO2000/SOLVE workshop in Palermo, Sept. 2000.
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More than 60% local ozone loss by end of March 2000.
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The Commissioner for research visited Kiruna on
22 January 2000.
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Aircraft activities. Photo: DLR Ozonesonde activities. Photo: Thomas Seiler.
Aircraft measurements
Ozonesonde measurements
THESEO 2000 is an ozone campaign that extends
the 1997-99 THESEO campaign into the winter/spring of 1999-2000.

The aim of THESEO 2000 is to shed light on the processes that lead to stratospheric ozone loss in the Arctic and at middle latitudes. This will be done through a combination of measurements and computer modelling. There will be close collaboration with the American NASA-led SOLVE campaign. This work is part of the SOLO cluster of EU projects.

THESEO 2000 is funded by the Research DG of the European Commission through its Framework 4 and 5 research programmes. Many national funding agencies also contribute to the campaign. Click on the photos surrounding this text box to read more about the various activities. The buttons at the bottom of the page offer additional links.

Balloon activities. Photo: Florence Goutail
Groundbased measurements.
Groundbased measurements
Balloon measurements
Modeliing and satellite activities. Plot: Glenn Carver.
NADIR data centre
Real-time maps
Active in 2001
NADIR datacentre
Theoretical modelling
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